under the crescent moon

under the crescent moon
I played in the pool
with my children
laughing and splashing
with glee

under the crescent moon
I smiled for the camera
at the man who married me

under the crescent moon
I climbed the steps
to the water slide
and reveled at the speed and fun

under the crescent moon
hanging in the sky
now growing darker
this day is truly done

under the crescent moon
Time Stood Still
for just a bit
as we ran away together

under the crescent moon
setting aside worries
that we left at home
looming in the shadows
waiting for our return

under the crescent moon
at the base of the Smokies
in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
we are living, loving and laughing
for two nights
on vacation
wish we could stay here forever
under the crescent moon
but today it's time
to move on

Written by nightlight on Monday morning, June 6, 2011, the day we packed up in Tennessee and moved on down the highway to South Carolina. These words started dancing in my head as soon as I spied that gorgeous sliver of crescent moon on our first night by the pool at the base of the Smokies.

© 2011, Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


2 thoughts on “under the crescent moon

  1. Mom writes:Your words always seem to bring tears to my eyes. Why am I continually overwhelmed by you gifts and taslents? You have amazed me since the day you were born…loving you!

  2. Thank you, Mom. I've hidden them for a long time. Even from myself. They were locked behind tall, thick walls around my heart built to protect it and keep it from hurting when I felt things too deeply and the teasing found it's mark and made a gaping wound. The walls are down now. It took awhile. IIt is so much better to create – with words and pictures. Feels like setting myself free. From the inside out. I'm weepy too. For a myriad of reasons. I definitely know where I get it. And I'm thankful for You. Always. Love, Janean

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