shhh q-u-i-e-t

it’s a quiet sunrise today
peach gold at the horizon
fading to pale yellow
then brightens and glows
turning the palest of blue
the sky is lightening
beyond that though
the heaven is still
and dark as night

I’m just in from an early walk
across icy driveways and snow packed sidewalks
in the brisk morning air
with my big sweet dog, Blue
now I sit at the kitchen table
a solid oak circle
gazing out the glass doors
to the backyard beyond
and watch the color show
along the horizon
houses and bare trees abound
yet colors come
and hit their crescendo so bright
then gradually they fade to normal
a blue sky and white cloud scene
I don’t move to take a picture
just watch it all unfold
the clock is ticking
puppy napping
one boy awake playing
the other still sleeping
and here I sit
sunrise daydreaming
it’s a quiet sunrise today

December 23, 2012

I snapped this photograph from my kitchen table spot, so that I had an image to accompany my words from earlier this morning. I know I've been Missing In Acion (MIA) here at My Opera this year…for Tumblr has caught my fancy with a mobile interface that is so incredibly easy. Most of my writing this year has been snippets of thoughts needing captured in the moment, before they fly away forever from my very busy brain.

Tumblr link:


2 thoughts on “shhh q-u-i-e-t

  1. Hi Janean.. yep.. you sure have been MIA her at My Opera and reading your blog I infer that Tumblr offers you all that you need and enjoy in a wider and perhaps more satisfying scope that embraces your expressive creativity. You are truly blessed on the road of your journey. I read your post here and the awesome open verse descriptive, so full of color and imagery in words .. and the photo itself is made match to the feelings when you saw the beauty of the quiet sunrise. I admire and salute your inspired and wonderful writing as your day dawned. Simply sublime. Thanks for sharing.Happy Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours. God bless all of you.- JohnHampshireEngland23 December, 2012

  2. "snow packed sidewalks" :)"yet colors comeand hit their crescendo so brightthen gradually they fade to normala blue sky and white…" beautiful"I don’t move to take a picturejust watch it all unfoldthe clock is ticking" profound yet simple

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