The oven timer beeped, “done” at 8:30a.m.
I asked my youngest son, as he was quietly sitting nearby, to tell his big brother, “The cinnamon rolls are ready, it’s time for him to save his game, power down and come upstairs to eat.”
Next thing I knew the basement door was flung open, and that littlest boy used a great big voice to shout, “Get your butt up here! Breakfast is ready!”
I gotta admit, his big brother listened and I laughed aloud in reply.
I was still chuckling and smiling as I handed ‘em each a plateful of iced, cinnamon goodness, baked from a refrigerated Pillsbury tube.
Good morning.
May your day be A Good One.
I’m smiling here, still charmed by my youngest son’s cut to the chase translation.
~ Janean

November 4, 2012

Standing at the sink.
Workin’ on the perpetual dishes.
I was about to give in to the tears that have been threatening all day.
I was.
Then I look over and see that cone headed puppy with his head in the dishwasher.
I took a picture before shooin’ him away with a, “No!”
Because he made me grin and chuckle a bit instead of sob into the sink.
Thankful yet again for our dog, Blue.