Good Friday

The morning sky was melancholy today.
Quiet and contemplative.
Lots of layers to the clouds.
White and gray interspersed.
Then, the clouds parted and a l’il blue sky peeked through.
Good Friday is a moody melancholy day.
The Crucifixion.
But the promise of Good Friday is, “Sunday’s a comin’!”
On Sunday we celebrate and shout, HE IS RISEN!
So it’s only fitting, for Heaven to be a bit subdued with extra clouds in shades of gray, for even though we call it Good Friday, it is a melancholy day.

March 29, 2013
Good Friday


the weather report

wind whooshing
clouds hovering
darkness falling
the moon is full
yet hidden from view
no wonder I’m moody
sorta melancholy
a storm is brewing
for sure
better watch out
and take cover
before the rain falls
in torrential torrents
for the wind foretells
the power
about to be
bring it on
rain soothes me
even by the bucketful
the rhythmic sound
the pelting moisture
on the morrow
‘til then