I had a fun striped sock purple tennis shoe day, while my cowgirl boots are in the shop. No more clomp clomp clomp on the sidewalk either. Now I’m walkin’ my dog, Blue, like a stealthy footed ninja. Best of all, these vivid hued shoes are nearly new hand me downs from my little sister.

January 18, 2013

old and new

Today I’m wearing an old dress that fits again with a pair of new black pumps. I bought the shoes quite awhile ago but kept wearing my old ones…the scuffed pair with cotton in the toes to keep ‘em on my feet. Today I HAD to put the new shoes on because my closet ate one of the old ones. ~ Janean

September 30, 2012

and in the brief moment
that I stood at the window
gazing at the sunrise
that same pup found a sock
under the la-z-boy recliner
he thought it’d be a nice snack
I disagreed
so out we went
at 6:50a.m.
for a walk around the block
me in my pajamas
mismatched ones at that
and polka dot rain boots
because like a firefighter
boots are easier to slip into
than tennis shoes that tie
especially in the dark
of technically morning time
when puppy less people
are sleeping
I’m caring less what others think
and doing what suits me
I guess I have the puppy to thank
for my growing nonchalance
as well as the moonlit, starlit, sunrise walks
that we’re going on