the beauty of outside
is the walls hold in
the sound of the TV
and once the dog
stopped woofing
I could hear the quiet
of the night
no stars shine
a bit overcast
50% chance of rain
isn’t there always?
it either will
or it won’t
simple as that
this is the view
looking up
if you stretch out flat
atop the wooden deck
while the woofing dog
doesn’t ask questions
just lies down beside me
then shhhhhh’s too
I love being outside
even in the dark
of night

I think too much

It it better to be followed, or be a follower?

How does one have time to do both?

Read AND write?

Part of me feels like I need to get all the other voices out of my head and just write. 

Sing my own song.

Even if it is a little off key.

Even if no one wants to read it. 

The other part feels like by reading the work of others, I am inspired and nudged and prodded to keep going, and say what needs to be said and tell the stories inside me. 

That the two go together. 

Like symbiosis. 

Which is different from osmosis.

Mostly, I think I woke up too early, and am still a little fuzzy, and that I missed my window to go back to bed because my oldest son just woke up and turned on the TV and there went my Quiet Time and the day has officially begun as the sky brightens outside my window. 

~ Janean

© Turquoise Tangles