the beauty of outside
is the walls hold in
the sound of the TV
and once the dog
stopped woofing
I could hear the quiet
of the night
no stars shine
a bit overcast
50% chance of rain
isn’t there always?
it either will
or it won’t
simple as that
this is the view
looking up
if you stretch out flat
atop the wooden deck
while the woofing dog
doesn’t ask questions
just lies down beside me
then shhhhhh’s too
I love being outside
even in the dark
of night

playin’ possum

I live in a house with three possums
not the pink tailed, beady eyed kind
the pretending to sleep while the dog barks in the early morning kind
there is a cat in the house too
she might as well be part possum
since she’s tucked in too
cozied up to those other possums
burrowed under soft covers
in rooms dark
for the sun has yet to rise
while the early dog and I got outside to take care of business
and he woofs the house down
so excited for his breakfast
and sits at the bottom of the stairs
waitin’ for the rest of the family
to stop playin’ possum
and wake up
to play with him
(the dog)

too much of a gentleman

he’s too much of a gentleman
to put the blame on me
it wasn’t the woofing of the dog
coughing of son number one
or morning grumbles of son number two
that awoke him this morn
from his workin’ mids (3-11)
just unhooked from chemo slumber
it was me
rummaging in the closet for clothes
that jolted him awake
but when I gave him multiple choice
the dog?
youngest son?
he just quietly said, “No”
not elaborating
as he ate a pop tart for breakfast
and took some medicine
before tucking back in
to sleep a little longer
later it dawned on me
but he was too much of a gentleman
to say so