unplugged (part 2)

I am Living Offline today.
Call if you need me.
I may answer.
Otherwise, please be patient.
And know I'll reply later.
I always do.
~ Janean

This is my e-mail vacation response. I set it up on the days I'm away from my computer. Days like today, when I'm goin' on a road trip. I took this photograph, of me unplugging, in March of this year, before an overnight getaway with my children to visit my grandfather in southern Illinois. I'm heading there again today, this time to celebrate his 96th birthday. What A Special Day. Definitely one to live offline, fully present in the moment. This is something I am practicing. It used to be The Only Way To Live. Now we're e-mailing, blogging, tweeting, facebooking and tumbling from our desktops, laptops and cell phones too. Yet, at times we feel more disconnected than ever. Nothing beats having a friend call to say hello, except having them over for an in person visit. Even an impromptu one. Children know how to do this best. The words, "Can you come out and play?" are magical. Right up there with, "Can you come over?" Even in Our Modern World, some things never change. I am so thankful my children are lucky enough to have friends who live next door. They have friends on either side. I do too. Lucky us!

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to unplug and hit the road. I have a ride to catch, a green car heading south. Just for the day. Well, a few hours in the middle really. Because the visit will go by way too fast, and before I'm ready, it'll be Time To Go. I'll be travelin' north via locomotive. Headin' home on the afternoon train. Adventure awaits. Family too. On both legs of the journey. I can hardly wait!

Confessions of A Facebookaholic

from June 17, 2011

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


2 thoughts on “unplugged (part 2)

  1. Hope it was a fun trip; and hope there will be a 100th birthday some time. We talked about him before; he's a tough man.I love your 'away' message.

  2. Originally posted by bentrein:

    Hope it was a fun trip; and hope there will be a 100th birthday some time. We talked about him before; he's a tough man.I love your 'away' message.

    Oh, Ben, it was SUCH a good day that day! Thank you. My grandfather is an amazing man. We shall see how many years he has left. He is still writing poems and stories and making music with his fiddle. He is truly remarkable. I took pictures that day, and have written a blog post in my head, that hasn't gotten further than there at this time. I love this away message too. Need to post it more often and then stick to it. My new phone with internet access makes it a bit harder to unplug like I could before. Guess I can leave it off or just use the phone part on days I need to unplug. We shall see…

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