I am sitting on the ledge.
Hoping, for anybody to come save me.
But they didn’t.
They never came.
Instead, they waited for me to jump.

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That is when you decide you just needed some quiet time and a bird’s eye view to give you a new perspective. Things aren’t as dire and dark as they momentarily appeared. You already have the courage, strength and stamina to save yourself. You are brave and strong. There is a beacon of hope within that nothing can snuff out. It is time to begin again, soaring like an eagle. You discover you prefer this sky high view, closer to the clouds. Birds of a feather flock together. I’ll meet you in the air. *chirp*

Suicide is never the answer. You don’t get to choose your last day. Only God knows when it will be. You have today. Life is a gift. LIVE IT. You are never all alone. The God of the Universe is always as close as a prayer. He is available 24/7. Talk to Him if you can’t bring yourself to phone a friend. Please. I beg you.

January 19, 2014

Self & Devil Dialogue

Self: It’s been over a year…maybe I can have a drink again.

Devil: Do it. It’ll take sooo goood. You won’t regret it. 

Self: But I like it too much. I want the oblivion too badly. I want the escape a drink, two, three or more offers. 

Devil: Exactly! That’s why you should…

Self: Damn. I want one. But I won’t let myself. For that very reason. I want it too much. I couldn’t stop at one. I might get quite snockered and lose my clothes and loosen my tongue and say and do things I shouldn’t.

Devil: It’s been awhile since you’ve done that…Margarita? Amaretto Stone Sour? Bloody Mary? Vodka and cranberry, Blue Sky of course? Daiquiri? Pick your poison. The bar is fully stocked. No one will know. You can hide the booze in the cabinet above the fridge where no one ever looks but you. You know, where you used to keep it, before you took it to your mother’s to get it out of the house. Farther away from you.

Self: Shit. I want one of each. But, no. I won’t. Not tonight. Strong will and determination can conquer this weakness, this longing for escape. I’ll stay in reality a little longer. 

True Story

*end of dialogue submitted to thevagabondking anon challenge*

Note Added When Posting As Me: I submitted the above dialogue by the deadline set by thevagabondking. I submitted it anonymously. I’m posting it now as myself because why the hell not. No one replied to my etiquette question saying it’s just not to be done under any circumstances or we’ll all stop following you and you’ll be left all alone. thevagabondking awarded it the bronze, third place, behind #1 and #2 and before two honorable mentions. Thanks for the Tumblr kudos, thevagabondking! I wanted to thank you out loud. 

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