all dogs go to Heaven

Blue Baird (September 26, 2011-May 1, 2018) Monday night Blue was much weaker, wobbly standing. I called the vet, to schedule a time if he made it through the night. He did. On Tuesday Blue spent the whole morning belly in the grass, listening to the birds, soaking up sunshine, watching the world go by. The vet came to the house around 11:30am. Blue and I sat in the grass in the front yard. The boys were inside, having already said goodbye. By 11:45am Blue’s spirit was gone. Oh. My heart. Big, sweet dog I loved. This picture of Blue and I is from yesterday morning at 8:55am, enjoying backyard sun, a few hours before his death.

May 2, 2018


2 thoughts on “all dogs go to Heaven

  1. What a blessing of a sweetheart he was to you and your boys, as well as your family to him. God sent so much love to you through Blue.

    • Thank you for your note, Liz. Yes, God gave us to each other. Blue saved my insides, getting me out of the house and under the sky in a way I needed. Thanks to Blue, I met so many wonderful neighbors and their dogs. Embarrassing is to admit I often learned the dog’s names first. *woof* We loved each other well in the six and a half (almost) years we had. Miss him. The house is different without Blue’s energy and spirit and great big bark. WOOF! Love, Janean

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