“looks can be deceiving”
I walked through the park
with my big sweet pup
midday, as we often do
the sky is quite lovely
a gorgeous shade o’blue
the clouds are puffy white
and daydream-like
from the window
things look balmy
but that March wind
blows in great big gusts
hits you hard
and knocks you back
it’s still Lion Time in Illinois
even today
on the first day of Spring
I’m downright cold
still feelin’ chilled
even back inside
within the warmth
and comfort
of home

March 20, 2013

just talkin’ about the weather

Hope the storm fronts, steer clear of you. Hope the wind still whispers sometimes and makes you smile. May rain be a soothing balm, bringing nourishment and life after summer’s drought. Wishin’ sunny skies, balmy breezes and smooth sailin’ for you. Always. ~ Me