takin’ the train
and headin’ south
leavin’ town
just for the day
runnin’ to my heart home
where the eagles fly
and white tail play
goin’ to the big brown house
sittin’ high atop the bluff
the home place
thick with woods
and wild things
lookin’ out o’er the river
the mighty Miss-is-ip
Grandpa’s River
since always
travelin’ round trip

written Thursday, November 8, 2012
as I rode the southbound train from Normal to Alton, Illinois
the first leg of the trip

a Mississippi morning dawns

with a whisper of sounds

from the river road

a crowing rooster

and the warm colors

of the sunrise

from deep orange

to a whisper of pink

still showing 

along the horizon

I stand in the old pasture

rolling terrain

reaching from atop the bluff

to the mighty river below

how I love this very spot

and the people who reside

on this rocky hill

and the glow

of the January sun

on my face

as I visit my grandfather

and parents

my cousins too

at Evergreen Heights

in southern Illinois

my heart home