it must be Monday

Blue and I are the only ones awake here
Those Wild Boys are going to sleep in
I’m sure of it
Garbage and recycle are on the curb
Summer rain started lightly falling when we were three houses away from home after walking through the park
Coffee and breakfast next
Good morning
6:19 a.m.

July 8, 2013

The broken chair is on the curb.
Garbage day is Monday.
I told my oldest son, “Next time something breaks, just tell me.”
He understood, quite clearly.
This chair is one of six that I bought second hand, for $50 maybe.
I’m not sure of the year, sometime between July ‘95 and January of ‘98 is the best I can do, to pinpoint the timing of the sale.
I brought ‘em home, two by two, in the backseat of the car, on a 52 mile commute.
Honestly, they were a l’il wobbly way back then, but better than the folding chairs we’d been using round a third hand kitchen table.
We still have three o’these chairs left around the house to safely sit in…at least that’s what I sorta think.

March 9, 2013

Note To Self: Don’t kneel on the nearby shelves while trying to rehang the drooping bedroom curtain rod, when you really should go get a proper stepping stool, because now the cheap ass shelves are broken and the curtain is all the way down. Now you have to go get the step stool anyway to fix it, stack up the books that suddenly find themselves without a home, and drag the busted shelves to the curb for garbage day on Monday. No do overs. *sigh*
~ Janean

November 10, 2012