The broken chair is on the curb.
Garbage day is Monday.
I told my oldest son, “Next time something breaks, just tell me.”
He understood, quite clearly.
This chair is one of six that I bought second hand, for $50 maybe.
I’m not sure of the year, sometime between July ‘95 and January of ‘98 is the best I can do, to pinpoint the timing of the sale.
I brought ‘em home, two by two, in the backseat of the car, on a 52 mile commute.
Honestly, they were a l’il wobbly way back then, but better than the folding chairs we’d been using round a third hand kitchen table.
We still have three o’these chairs left around the house to safely sit in…at least that’s what I sorta think.

March 9, 2013

The car
I think it’s time to let her go
I/we need a safe newer vehicle that we trust outside the city limits on the highway
The air is broken and it’s been hot this summer
Power locks busted long ago and it’s not worth repair costs
Even if we fixed her and parked her until My oldest son was 15 or 16, in three more years I’d worry about her safety
And his
The air bag light is blinking
It’s time
It’s just not easy
To let her go
She’s been my car for 13 1/2 years
That’s a long damn time to drive a car
She’s been A Good One
One of the best
My fifth car since I turned sixteen
Twenty four and a half years ago
Now it’s time to figure out
What’s next?!
~ Janean

August 6, 2012

my turn
to break glass
I was on the phone
about the broken car
getting breakfast for my boys
reached in the cabinet
heard a crash
saw the broken shards of glass
thought the glass glass had broken
but no
it was the nice glass bowl
that was a wedding gift
15 years ago
it took me nearly that long
to figure out what to do with it
bought the coffee pot in January
put the bowl to work
holding half and half
now I’m looking for a plastic one
I can’t be trusted with glass
too delicate
and I’m feeling like that bull
the one in the china shop

August 3, 2012
9:00-ish a.m.

I first e-mailed this poem to my friend. The one who sent me a note about a glass that broke at her house while the dishwasher was being unloaded last night. She’s sharing it with her fourth grade daughter (the dishwasher unloader/glass put-er away-er too).


Up too early
No napping
No time for make up
No time for drying hair
Laughed taking my boys to school
Together laughs
Taking turns being funny laughs
The drive was too short this morning
I wanted to keep ‘em with me
A bit longer
Now the car is silent
Missing them
And feeling blah
Will try to snap out of it
Until then
One more