I very much enjoyed the ISU String Project concert this morning. My oldest son is the violinist third from the left in front. *yes I know he looks like a white and black spec, but it’s him* I tapped my booted toes, smiled my proud mama smile, sang along to The Monkey Song and took the ipad away from my youngest son for the three songs his big brother played.

Amazing Grace

My oldest son is practicing Amazing Grace on his violin. 

The music floats to me, standing in the kitchen, from the living room.

He’s playing it on a repeating loop this morning at home, before he plays it in a few hours time at his great grandma’s funeral. 

My father brought the music over on Sunday afternoon and they worked on it together. 

I get a lump in my throat every time I hear it. 

Every time. 

Sometimes tears leak out. 

I can’t help it. 

It’s the music. 

It’s the words. 

It’s everything. 

Amazing Grace. 

God’s Grace. 

We’re so undeserving. 

But He gave it anyway. 

And the song begins playing again, as if on cue.

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

concert day

my oldest son is playin’ violin

on campus today

meetin’ extended family there

listening to music played by children

in concert

from the newest musicians

to more experienced

they save the best for last

this is my sons third year 

his first concert with Papa’s violin

from my father, to my son

passed hand to hand

skipping a generation

that boy has music

in his heart and soul

I catch him humming

and playing air violin 

after practicing

lookin’ forward to a toe tappin’

heart swelling with love

kind of day

it’s concert day

© Turquoise Tangles