Spring renewal


Spring has been extra beautiful this year
maybe it’s because winter was so extra cold and snowy
maybe it’s just because every spring my heart soars as the trees and flowers bud and bloom
daffodils have come and gone
tulips are still tuliping
lilacs are just beginning
magnolias and forsythia fade into redbuds and the white burst of Bradford Pears
the sky seems extra blue
the birds serenade with the most melodious of songs
especially this morning
in the quiet stillness
of that moment just before dawn
I heard them through my bedroom window
saw the sun filtering in
heard the dog stir
we walked
few cars
just us and a few other early dogs
thankful for the lack of wind
savoring the sunshine and blue skies
a backdrop for the renewal of Spring
it’s all rather glorious
simple joys
early on a Sunday morning

May 4, 2014

I find myself backyard sitting
as the sun comes up
happily in my pajamas
stick chewing dog
at my feet
we were also out at 5:00a.m.
when the sky was still full dark
and the crescent moon
smiled a crooked grin
the birds are serenading us
singing the song of spring
while the daffodils bloom
swaying to the birdsong
and the gentlest of breeze
mmmmmmm, Saturday
so glad you’re here