I love my friends

I love my friends
Kim who makes me laugh until I snort without even trying, and no such thing as TMI between us
and Susan who pulls alongside the school curb, where I’m walking with my head down, after delivering two dozen brownies inside for a fundraising function we’re not attending tomorrow
she gets my attention with, “Hey, Sexy Mama”
my head comes up fast to see her smiling face and twinkling eyes from the driver’s seat of her familiar car
we talked in the shorthand of good friends as she rounded the sidewalk curve
for she has one more school drop off to do and then bags to pack
she’s flyin’ to South Carolina tomorrow
I’m seeing Angel and LizBeth later lunch-ish for some art business, but mostly friend business
for hugs and “to touch noses”
For face time, the live and in person kind
I’m seein’ more L’s tonight
chit chat with both Lynnette and Liann
with their families and mine
roastin’ hot dogs and marshmallows over a bonfire at my in law’s farm
e-communication has its place
but how I love talking, laughing and hugging in person so much more than simply typing, “LOL”, “hugs” and signing off emails with “Love”
for I truly do
Love my friends
~ Janean

September 28, 2012

it was a be-a-u-ti-ful day today
amazingly so
we can’t quite believe the unseasonably warm,
lack of bone chilling wind,
sunshine not rain,
daffodil bloom filled days
it is only mid March
and it feels like May
amazing, remarkable, wonderful
and I’m sure not complaining
I spent the afternoon outdoors
visiting with a friend
she is also my husband’s sister
the dogs were there too
hers and mine
they ran free
no leashes needed at the farm
we lay in the grass
sat up some too
walked when needed
sometimes in sun
sometimes in shade
always under the blue sky above
with white puffy clouds
the happy kind
and air warm enough
we were just in shirt sleeves
everyone is going to sleep well tonight
yes, it was a be-a-u-ti-ful day