“pink glow on the horizon”
the sun rose over the mountains
but my eyes were on the ocean
our day is just beginning
August 6, 2013


more wind talk

I prayed aloud as I walked Blue on our usual route in the biting wind, at times towing the dog to follow me, as I pressed on against the frigid gusts.
I am not a quitter but I’m not a stupid fool either. < Just had to add that!
God can move mountains. I’ve seen and felt Him do it, time and time again.
I trust God. I love Him too.
Trying to wake up sleepy boys and need to corral a barking dog who has the cat cornered behind the dryer.
Must be Monday morning, and a school day at that.

February 11, 2013




Before the doctors came in on rounds,
it was an especially gorgeous sunrise,
with bands of color across the horizon.
Even more spectacular,
than yesterday’s golden glow.

Good news from The Pathology Report.
A clear CT scan. 
Minimal air around the lungs.
Nothing showed up on the x-ray.
Going home. 

Staples out today.
Hemoglobin OK.
I am crying tears of Joy. 
Why do we doubt,
when God is so good?
He has this under control.
He’s showing us,
step by step,
I have this. 
Trust Me. 
But we doubt. 
We worry. 
We fret. 
Well, I do. 
Even when he gives us the gift
of a sunrise in vivid hues
to say, “I Am Here”.
Thank you, God. 
It’s your prayers.
All of them. 
Each and every one. 
We are so overwhelmed
with the power of them,
as God keeps moving mountains
from our path. 

He hears them. 
He answers. 
In His time. 
In His way. 

God is good. 
All the time.
How Great Is Our God!
Love and thankfulness
for each of you,
for walking so closely with us
on my husband’s journey
through cancer,
from diagnosis to survivor,
is our prayer.
Friday morning, November 18, 2011
© 2011 Turquoise Tangles