movie review

The movie my husband and I saw yesterday afternoon was fun
I enjoyed it more than I expected to
Sweet romance/love story
Father/daughter baggage dealt with well
Though she looked too young to be his daughter
Oh, and the cussing was magnificent
I loved the cussing because that’s the place I’m in now, deftly peppering my conversation with properly placed swear words for emphasis added
The baseball didn’t detract from the sweet wooing and head over heels in love falling either
*happy sigh*

September 28, 2012


I have a “works” hair appointment today
a much needed, long overdue one
last time for color was early June
last cut was sometime mid-July
when life isn’t topsy turvy crazy I get it cut every month
and colored every other to economize
when I was about to leave for my appointment
I found my husband to say, “goodbye”
while my body language was sayin’, “I gotta go now, I don’t wanna be late”
so with a hug and a kiss he said, “Come back pretty.”
I replied, “I will.”
sittin’ under the dryer now
tryin’ to make good on that promise
mmmmm, thankful for this appointment time
hair therapy I call it
my brother’s wife is the hair artist
we have fun catchin’ up and gabbin’
while her hands fly about
I leave feelin’ lighter on the inside
and smilin’ on the outside
where the pretty shows

September 26, 2012

I’m enjoying the pouring rain
as the clouds let loose
and water pours from heaven

today has had a bit of everything
gray sky moody broody
blue sky with wisps of white clouds
sun shining
sun hiding
sunglasses on
sunglasses atop my head
sunglasses tossed aside
for the rain is pouring down

my mood has varied like the weather
not always neatly aligned
tears while sun was shining
laughter in the rain
today has had a bit of everything
my heart aches
my chest is tight
it’s just one of those days
I’m enjoying the pouring rain

September 21, 2012